I’m a photography and video artist working as a lifestyle and portrait photographer in the Philadelphia area. I have a Master’s degree with honors in Fine Arts with a Major in Photography and Media Arts. My photography and artwork has been exhibited internationally. Since my graduation in 2007, I’ve worked as a portrait photographer next to several accomplished photographers. I’ve worked for National Geographic’s photographer Steve McCurry. Steve is world-renowned for his portrait photography with the portrait of the “Afghan girl” being nominated as the National Geographic Society’s most recognized photograph in its history. Working on Steve’s digital photo archive as an editor was a lifetime experience. I collaborate with the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) since 2009 and served as the photographer for their articles and advertisement campaign for the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST) event. POST (a citywide arts festival in which artists open their studios to the public) gave me a unique opportunity to experiment and to enrich my portrait photography skills by photographing  artists from a wide array of different  artistic backgrounds.

I was always passionate about photographing people and relationships. Capturing real emotions, delicate body language; true personalities was always my interest. After my son was born in 2012, I realized how precious the time that parents get to spend with their kids is. The special moments my son brings to my everyday life made me think: “I want to stop the time… right now!” Photography does that in a sense. Kids are not always enthusiastic about being photographed but it`s not impossible to get them to cooperate— you just have to speak their language. I am a strong believer in letting a kid being a kid and reveal their personalities during a photo shoot. Let the child run the session and have your camera always ready is my motto. Through my photography I strive to capture the childhood moments that parents will cherish forever.